We can clean all your UPVc windows,doors,gutters,soffits, fascia boards,cladding,garage doors,conservatory polycarbonate and glass.

Gutter Cleaning & Maintenance

An important, but often overlooked, part of home maintenance is keeping your gutters clean and free of debris so that water drains properly. If debris from nearby trees collects in the gutters it can impede the water from draining properly and cause water to run over the edges, which can lead to a leaking basement or foundation problems. To avoid costly repairs, be sure to have us check the gutters on your home at least twice a year, late in the spring and fall seasons.

Our gutter cleaning service includes:

All gutter debris completely removed by hand
Downspouts checked to assure proper drainage
Ladder stabilizers prevent gutter damage (ladder rests on roof, not gutter)
Your landscaping will not be disturbed

Gutter Whitening

Do you have black streaks on your gutters?
Spruce's gutter whitening service removes the black streaks from the face of your gutters. These stains are caused by roof water flowing over the gutter face and will become permanent if not removed in a timely manner. Our chemical process will remove these stains without damaging the gutter finish. We guarantee your gutters will be restored to original condition. Gutter Zap is an affordable solution for restoring the look of your gutters. It is an environmentally friendly product. Call us today and we'll help keep the image of your property in tip top condition.

Conservatory cleaning in Edinburgh and the Lothians

At Edinburgh Gutter Cleaning Co. we offer a fantastic conservatory cleaning service that will leave it comprehensively clean, sparkling and ready for you to enjoy. Our expert technicians can make your conservatory look brand new, always completing work to the highest standards with a friendly and approachable attitude. Operating in Edinburgh and the Lothians, enjoy your fabulously clean conservatory.

Our conservatory cleaning includes:

• Conservatory window cleaning
• Hot wash valet of the conservatory
• Cleaning of the framework to the roof and the sides
• Cleaning of conservatory gutters
• Sky light cleaning
• Window and door track cleaning

Is your conservatory closer to black than its original white? Is your PVCu looking green and dirty? Be sure to call Edinburgh Gutter Cleaning Co. and we will get it back to looking like new.
We've been providing gutter cleaning to the Edinburgh area for over 15 years. With an emphasis on customer convenience, it's our goal to gain and keep your trust through reliable and excellent gutter maintenance service.

Solar Panels

Solar panel cleaning is extremely important to achieve maximum output of a solar electric system.The financial impact of a clean solar panel is immediate. More electricity produced by the solar panels means cheaper bills. During this time of year, when solar systems generate the most power cleaning maintenance is especially important.
We use our own biodegradable cleaning solution to leave your panels spotless.
Available for both residential and commercial customers.